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A Problem Squared

Matt Parker (comedian and mathematician) and Bec Hill (comedian and not mathematician) have problems. They also have solutions. Not always in the correct ratio.

Dec 31, 2021

APS 026 is here, and it's the last of the year! In this episode...

* How fast could a team of penguins complete a 4 x 100 relay race?

* How can you fix your sleeping schedule?

* And, AOB - lot's of it!

As ever, we value your thoughts on A Problem Squared so head on over to: and give us some feedback!   
More about the B-Society, who help employers and educators to facilitate chronotypes that don’t suit early hours is here:
And, to find out which country you sleep like, follow this link here:

We would also like to give a special mention to the alternative episode name that we were all very proud of: 'Antarctic Circles and Anarchic Cycles'. And an extra special mention to Bec for coming up with it.