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A Problem Squared

Matt Parker (comedian and mathematician) and Bec Hill (comedian and not mathematician) have problems. They also have solutions. Not always in the correct ratio.

Dec 31, 2021

APS 026 is here, and it's the last of the year! In this episode...

* How fast could a team of penguins complete a 4 x 100 relay race?

* How can you fix your sleeping schedule?

* And, AOB - lot's of it!

As ever, we value your thoughts on A Problem Squared so head on over to:

Nov 30, 2021

In this month's episode Bec finds out how many Beck's beers would fit in Bec Hill. And Matt investigates how much he'd  have in Euros, if every person gave him 1 in their local currency. 

Plus! A ding is given, and Matt goes to Antarctica.

A big thank you to Adam Kay, Doctor Xand and sword swallowers Snookie Mono and

Oct 31, 2021

APS 024 is out now! 

And it's a spooky October edition! In this episode...

* What's the largest hole that can be carved in a pumpkin without the pumpkin collapsing?   

* How do you stop noisy ghosts rattling doors when you're trying to sleep?  

* And, Cupboard of Nupboard: The people have spoken!

Sep 30, 2021

Yes, that's right. The Weight of Words and Graphene for Turds.

In this month's episode...

If graphene was rolled to the size of a loo roll, how long would that roll be?

What is the weight of the ink in Bec's book?

Plus! The REAL answer to Earth's longest line of sight.

And, Bec and Matt are reunited after two years...

Aug 31, 2021

What's the best way to stay inspired when writing?

Where on earth can you look the furthest away at something else, that is also on the earth?

When eating cereal, what is the milk? Sauce, broth, jus or something else?

Plus! Repurposing crushed bike helmets: Can you, should you?