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A Problem Squared

Matt Parker (comedian and mathematician) and Bec Hill (comedian and not mathematician) have problems. They also have solutions. Not always in the correct ratio.

Sep 30, 2021

Yes, that's right. The Weight of Words and Graphene for Turds.

In this month's episode...

If graphene was rolled to the size of a loo roll, how long would that roll be?

What is the weight of the ink in Bec's book?

Plus! The REAL answer to Earth's longest line of sight.

And, Bec and Matt are reunited after two years...

Aug 31, 2021

What's the best way to stay inspired when writing?

Where on earth can you look the furthest away at something else, that is also on the earth?

When eating cereal, what is the milk? Sauce, broth, jus or something else?

Plus! Repurposing crushed bike helmets: Can you, should you? 

Jul 31, 2021

This is Inharmonics and Skin-harm-tonics!

In this month's episode...

How well can the human voice mimic a dinging bell? Bec teams up with a multi-vocalist Beardyman to tackle this one!

What is the optimal use of sunscreen to create a tan and protect your skin?

Plus: The results from Matt's sunny survey are IN and we...

Jun 30, 2021

Score! It's episode 020 of A Problem Squared, Filling Up and Falling Down!    

In this episode...  

  • Can we solve global warming by diluting the atmosphere?
  • What's the funniest way to fall down without hurting yourself? 
  • Plus: The answer to last month's A Pudding Squared, and a final word on Arctic Krill.   

As always,...

May 31, 2021

How did a hamster end up in a listener's apartment on the other side of the world?

How many leaves would humans need to photosynthesise all our energy?

Plus, an update on Dish Splatters: Why don't plastic things dry in the dishwasher?

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